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    #HomeBuildingHalbrooks Week 25

    What a month and a half or so it’s been!  After a few solid weeks of drywall, mud, and finish work, the walls are all in place. Just in the last couple of weeks, a lot has started happening post-walls… Last week, the bulk of the kitchen cabinets went in (except for one that came in wrong, that ships again this week.) Our paint plan tipped the scales (most people today apparently use 2-3 shades of beige or gray), so to save some painting cash, Suzanne, Suzanne’s dad, and Michael’s aunt spent Friday & Saturday of this last weekend painting about half the house (about 2/3 of the total colors):…

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    Fast Forward: Week 19

    When we last shared a #HomeBuildingHalbrooks blog post, the crews were just wrapping up basement work in weeks 2-3.  While we’ve been occasionally chronicling the work on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we haven’t posted another update here. So here…

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    Weeks 2 & 3: Basement Work

    Weeks 2 & 3 of #HomeBuildingHalbrooks brought basement walls, preparing for the basement floor (including the plumbing rough-in for the basement bathroom), and filling back in around the outside of the foundation. A rainy forecast today (that never materialized) kept…

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    Tomorrow we dig!

    After months of planning, designing, and arrangement-making, tomorrow’s the big day when the diggers arrive and we break ground on our new home. It’s an exciting day – we’re looking forward to sharing lots of updates along the way.

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    New Volunteer Role

    I’m honored to be able to say that I’ve been asked to join our local scout council’s cub scout camping committee. Camping has long been one of my favorite aspects of the scouting experience, as evidenced in part by my 9 years…

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    At last week’s National Order of the Arrow Conference (I’ll do a write-up about the whole event soon), National Chief Alex Call launched a movement in his Wednesday night address. He asked (“dared”) each of the 15,000 Arrowmen in attendance…

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    [pey-tree-ahrk] n. noun 1. the male head of a family or tribal line. My Grandpa Halbrook passed away this morning at 10:53. He was 85. He was facing three necessary surgeries, each more risky and complicated than the last. His body didn’t carry him…