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I’m honored to be able to say that I’ve been asked to join our local scout council’s cub scout camping committee. Camping has long been one of my favorite aspects of the scouting experience, as evidenced in part by my 9 years on our council’s camp staff. As my friend & mentor Jim Dedera used to say, “Summer camp is the Christmas of the Scouting program.”

I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to help and serve scouting in this new way. I was on the camping committee years ago as a youth representative while I was lodge chief, but I know that I’ll have more to offer now given my background and connections to more resources. I’m also very excited that my work in this role might be able to directly help with the program at camp for my own sons and others their age.

Read my scouting background/resume.

About the committee, from the BSA Camping and Outdoor Program Committee Guide:

The camping and outdoor program committee (COPC) is a critical leadership group entrusted with safely delivering the outdoor adventure that youth and adults expect and that lead to self-discovery and character development. The committee plans and oversees the council outdoor program and the facilities that are needed to support the program. Under the COPC’s leadership, all elements of the Scouting outdoor program collaborate to understand the market needs, develop relevant programs, and deploy facilities and resources to most effectively meet demands of increasingly diverse youth and adult populations. The national Scouting organization provides support for market analysis through Research and

The committee is responsible for:

  1. Inspiring youth and leaders to conduct meaningful and exciting outdoor programs at all levels, including the unit, district, and council.
  2. Strategically focusing on and planning camping and program resources, properties, and facilities needed to deliver relevant programs.
  3. Ensuring proper emphasis and understanding of the needs of an increasingly diverse youth and adult population.
  4. Anticipating emerging needs of youth and parents.
  5. Assessing and delivering program that can exceed the expectations of the diverse population.
  6. Continually developing and ensuring maintenance of camps.
  7. Promoting and marketing the council and national program and camping facilities.
  8. Facilitating collaboration among expert functional resource groups/committees to provide relevant, safe, and exciting camping and outdoor programs.

My three oldest and me at camp in June of 2016. This was #3’s first time, and he’s been waiting years for the chance to go to cub scout camp with his brothers. It was a great weekend!

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