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#HomeBuildingHalbrooks Week 25

What a month and a half or so it’s been!  After a few solid weeks of drywall, mud, and finish work, the walls are all in place. Just in the last couple of weeks, a lot has started happening post-walls…

Last week, the bulk of the kitchen cabinets went in (except for one that came in wrong, that ships again this week.)

Our paint plan tipped the scales (most people today apparently use 2-3 shades of beige or gray), so to save some painting cash, Suzanne, Suzanne’s dad, and Michael’s aunt spent Friday & Saturday of this last weekend painting about half the house (about 2/3 of the total colors):

Mark painting the master bedroom:

Interior doors and trim work started going in today…

The dining room & living/sitting room:

Suzanne was really excited to see the pantry doors:

The kitchen is coming along:


The bricklayers have been back at it, but had to stop short yesterday with about 100 bricks needed to complete the job:

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